Premium Barrel With Co2 Injection Valve & Pressure Indicator

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6 gallon (27 litre) heavy gauge food grade plastic barrel with 2 sturdy lifting handles height including valve 540mm,diameter 380mm the diameter including tap 420mm.
4" cap comes fitted with genuine S30 injection valve which allows the use with 8gram bulbs via a piercing pin.
The pin can be removed to accept hambleton bard S30 co2 cylinders cap is also fitted with a schroeder valve and supplied with a digital push on gauge so that you can monitor pressures within your barrel.
Inside Your Barrel Is A Latstock Float System Which Draws The Brew From the Top So That The Clearest Beer Is Always Poured.
The 4' opening allows easy access for cleaning and supplied lever tap give a more controlled dispensing than standard drum taps also has a temperature display strip handy drip tray and full instructions.